Apartment administration


Concentrate on your core business.

Do you have several apartments rented for your employees and would
rather not deal with them on a daily basis? It is not uncommon to have all
kinds of small issues in day-to-day life which might require some
assistance or advice. When this happens, the normal procedure is to call
the apartment provider, which might well be your company.
With our service, we can be there to work as the designated housing contact,
answering all of the tenant's questions and making small maintenance
calls when necessary. Concentrate on your core business and let
us take care of the tenant's accommodations.

What do we offer?

The Administration service is fully adjustable to your needs and can be
tailored to fit any need. With our basic service, we will work as the point of contact
between the apartment occupant, the apartment owner, and you. If the
occupant or the owner has any questions or wishes, we will be there to
answer and handle them as well as we can. When an issue requiring
your attention arises, we will contact you and inform you of the situation,
with possible advice regarding the necessary course of action.


Depending on the extent of the service, the price for the Administration
service is 100 - 150€ +VAT /month for each apartment administered.

Contact us for the Administration service or for additional questions.

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