About us


Furent was born out of the desire to provide more
flexible services to people needing furnished apartments.
Our goal is to ensure the availability of an apartment
despite the current supply of the rental markets and to
give the occupant the possibility to decide what
kind of furnishing suits them best.

Our company was founded in 2015 but our combined
experience from furnished apartments spans almost 10 years.
We are based in Helsinki and our working region is all of Finland. Our key
values are customer service and flexibility. All of our services can
be tailored to fit our clients' needs and wishes.

"I have worked with furnished apartments for a long time and
have noticed that often, the supply and demand don't meet.
Our homes and how comfortable they are are important parts
of our lives. Nobody should be forced to settle for less
simply because there was nothing better available at the time."

- Janne Strausz / CEO Furent Ltd


Furent Ltd.

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VAT no: 2324534-2